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#WEWILLRUN - Boston on Vimeo

It’s been almost a year and It’s going to be an emotional week ahead. I am not from Boston, I am a transplant from Vermont. I did not call myself a runner until after the birth of my son 4 years ago. I knew instantly, even as hard as it has been. I was going to run for a charity this year.
I will never be able to explain to someone who was not there how much I appreciate the people of Boston after that day. Many of the marathon runners were stopped and told to go home. If you’re not from Boston, it’s not that simple.
I was panicked thinking I just lost my husband and had complete strangers give me their jackets to stay warm, offered food, water, and phones.
I will forever be in love with Boston and its people. They are unlike any others.
I am so close to my fundraising goal and any little amount will help get me there.
I may not be finishing this exactly how I wanted to but I will finish.

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