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Lined up and ready to roll. Wapack 18 Mile Trail Race. I helped with the registration table. This S**T is not easy.
The Wapack race course is 18.0 miles. The route is an out-and-back that follows the Wapack Trail between New Ipswich, NH and Ashburnham, MA. There are four major mountains in between: Barrett, New Ipswich, Pratt, and Watatic, from north to south. Total climb and total descent are each about 3,000 feet. On a clear day, you can see for miles, including stunning views of Mt. Monadnock to the northwest, if you have the presence of mind. This is a very tough trail race. Don’t attempt it unless you are in excellent shape. #wapacktrailrace #18miles #trail #running #trailrunning (at Windblown Cross Country Skiing)

The troop at the start of our hike. I told the kids being outside on the trails is mommy’s happy place. We read all the tags on the plants during our hike. Mom panicked every time they go too close to ledges.

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